Fixed Braces

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Fixed Braces to straighten teeth in Langley

Despite the arrival of modern, removable braces, fixed braces remain a popular option to straighten teeth. Mainly, this is because fixed braces straighten teeth extremely precisely to give you outstanding results. 

 Fixed braces are suitable for most patients and can be used to treat all kinds of dental problems from mild through to severe cases. Fixed braces are still available in the traditional metal and wire format and this is mostly used for the NHS treatment of children. We also offer fixed clear braces. High quality clear brackets are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and they are connected with tooth coloured wires which makes for discreet teeth straightening 

 Fixed braces can be used to: 


  • Straighten crooked teeth  
  • Correct protruding teeth 
  • Close unwanted gaps in your teeth 
  • Fix different bite problems including overbites, underbites, open or cross bites 
  • Space out crowded teeth 

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Fixed Braces

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Benefits of Fixed Braces in Langley

If you decide to get your teeth straightened using fixed braces at our surgery, you will see these benefits: 


  • Fixed braces offer excellent control and will straighten your teeth very precisely as they are attached to your teeth in a way that is right for your teeth  
  • The fixed clear braces are extremely discreet and practically invisible to other people 
  • Having your teeth straightened with fixed braces will leave you with a stunning smile and enhance your self-esteem 
  • Once fixed to your teeth, you can forget about your braces. There’s no need to worry about changing aligners or losing your braces. Plus, there’s no temptation to keep leaving your braces out like there are with the more modern removable braces 
  • Fixed braces are durable, so there is little chance of breaking them 
  • Gentle pressure is used with fixed braces to gradually move your teeth, so you experience little or no discomfort
  • Fixed clear braces are suitable for all adults of all ages and they can help deal with most dental issues including crooked teeth, gaps and problems with bite
  • Our fixed braces are affordable. We offer interest free finance, plus we work with you to help spread out payments 
  • Our consultation and personal approach will determine the type of treatment you need and for how long 

Frequently asked questions about Fixed Braces

Can I eat what I want with fixed braces?

You will be able to eat most foods, however for the treatment to work well and quickly, it is important to take care of your teeth and your braces. You should avoid eating hard sticky food such as toffee, caramel, hard sweets and chewing gum. You should also avoid drinking fizzy drinks and excessive amounts of fruit juice. You may want to cut up hard foods such as an apple first. 

How often will I need to see my dentist to check on the braces?

Your dentist will advise you on this, but you will need regular checks to adjust and tighten the braces. 

How long will I have to wear my fixed braces for?

Every patient is different, and your dentist will be able to give you a better indication. On average, treatment time for fixed braces takes between 12 and 24 months. Factors affecting the treatment time include how severe your case is, how well you look after your teeth and your braces during treatment time and whether you cancel any of your regular appointments to have your brace tightened. 

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