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Dentalcare Amersham welcomes and supports nervous patients

Being frightened of seeing the dentist is common, but for some people the experience is genuinely terrifying. It can mean having a dental phobia or experiencing dental anxiety. 

Sometimes this fear is due to a bad experience that has happened in the past, sometimes a dental phobia is to do with being frightened of pain, needles or injections. Perhaps you have dental anxiety about the treatment needed or maybe it is just a fear of the unknown? 

Whatever the reason, at Dentalcare Amersham, we understand that this fear is very real and frightening for some people. Our caring and understanding team are well experienced to help anxious patients get the dental care you need, and we have lots of tips to help you through your fear. 

Dental anxiety and dental phobias can lead to problems where you might avoid seeing the dentist for long periods of time which can consequently affect your dental health. This leads to a cycle where any dental problems become worse and potentially more expensive the longer that they are left untreated. 

At Dentalcare Amersham we aim to break this cycle in small steps to make you feel more comfortable. Initially we will start by just talking to you and then progressing to visits to the surgery where you can look round and see for yourself the different processes. 

Dental phobia and anxiety about the dentist can be caused by a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience at the dentist when you were a child or in the past? Or perhaps embarrassment about your teeth makes you scared of visiting the dentist? Maybe it’s just fear of the unknown?

Dental anxiety and dental phobia can lead to a cycle of fear where you avoid a regular dental check-up which means you miss out on vital treatment. This in turn leads to more complex dental problems with potentially more expensive consequences.

At Dentalcare Amersham we believe that everyone has the right to dental treatment, and we work hard to achieve that.

Our staff are experts in helping patients that are nervous. We know that a dental phobia is not imaginary or a weakness, but simply a different and very real perception.

The first step is to break the cycle of fear and to get in touch with us. We can talk to you and offer advice on the phone and then progress little by little into visits to the surgery and then to eventually having a very routine check-up before any treatment is even administered.

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Nervous Patients

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Helping to overcome dental phobias in Amersham

Like many other things in life, we have less fear and feel more comfortable about something if we have a better understanding of what is happening. 

We take the same approach at Dentalcare Amersham. We hope that by increasing your knowledge, we can help you to feel more comfortable. You will never be rushed or made to do anything that you do not feel ready to do. 

Some of the things that have helped other patients with dental anxiety or dental phobias include: 

  • Starting with just a chat and moving little by little to having a general check-up
  • Booking a tour of the surgery so that we can show you around
  • Booking an appointment for the morning so that you do not have to wait and feel nervous all day
  • Relaxation techniques including deep breathing 
  • Listening to audio books or music whilst you’re having a check-up 
  • Agreeing on a hand signal with your dentist so that they know if you need to stop at any point
  • Eventually, when you are ready for treatment, to have a local anaesthetic to manage pain for more complex treatments   

Make the first step and contact us for a friendly chat. We have plenty of experience in helping anxious patients overcome their fears and we are ready to help you. 

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