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Why make an appointment to see Dental Hygienists

Our dental hygienists are specially trained in the prevention, identification and treatment of gum disease which is the main cause of tooth loss. Additionally, they provide advice and information about how to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. 

At a typical appointment our hygienists will: 


  • Remove any hard deposits on your teeth called calculus and any staining from your teeth by scaling and polishing your teeth. This will prevent further decay from happening
  • Check your gums for any initial signs of gum disease known as gingivitis. This may include bleeding gums or plaque
  • Take steps to prevent initial signs of gum disease from developing further into the more serious form known as periodontitis
  • Show you how to brush your teeth and gums effectively in order to prevent the development of tooth decay and gum disease 
  • Provide general information about diet, lifestyle and hygiene that can impact on your oral as well as your general health 

Our affordable hygiene plan

Our Hygiene Plan provides affordable, accessible hygiene appointments whether you are a patient with the NHS or a private patient:

** Subject to suitability

Dental Hygienists

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Airflow Polish in Amersham

Airflow is the new form of dental polish. It gives teeth a more effective clean than the usual scale and polish and leaves teeth looking brighter and whiter. 

Airflow works by using air, sodium bicarbonate and water which infiltrates deep into strong stains often caused by smoking or drinking coffee, tea and red wine. Whilst Airflow is tough on stains, the polish is gentle as there is no direct contact with your teeth which means it is a very gentle clean. This is why patients who suffer with sensitive teeth often opt for an Airflow clean and polish. 

 The results with Airflow are instant. You will notice a difference in the way your teeth look and feel as soon as the treatment is over.  

What dental hygienists at Amersham can offer you

Our dental hygienists can: 

  • Provide support and care to your situation. We treat each patient as individuals and make recommendations based on what is right for you.  
  • Provide care to patients of all ages including elderly and young children. Promoting good oral health is vital to everyone 
  • Our hygienists will see you at a time which is convenient to you including early, late and weekend options 

Frequently asked questions about dental hygiene

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Your gums may appear red, swollen or tender. Your gums may bleed when brushing. The good news is that this first stage of gum disease can be treated, and your hygienist will show you how to properly brush your teeth so that you won’t develop it again. 

Is Airflow dental polish painful?

No. Airflow polish is completely painless. Patients with sensitive teeth find that Airflow does not affect their teeth because the polish does not come into direct contact with your teeth. 

How often should I visit my hygienist?

You should visit your hygienist once or twice a year. Your hygienist will let you know. Factors affecting how often you visit will depend upon such things as how healthy your teeth and gums are and whether you suffer from severe staining to your teeth. 

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